I landet Latteliberal

Antar att man ska börja vänja sig vid elavbrott i den globala uppvärmningens tid. *startar om datorn för 7 gången – Nej, inte iPad, kära lilla latteliberal, stationär dator. Jag vet, konstigt, eller hur?

Eller så kan man ju alltid ta en latte till och tänka att man minsann källsorterade sitt papper när man tog SUVen till Återbruket. #theageofstupid

The Spectator Crowd

“Don’t waste your time on the petty minded, the judgmental and the bigoted.  Accept that there will never be a crowd lacking at an auto-da-fé.” — Sin T 1997

Murfič was a Slovak

Czechs are pretty proud of Kafka..
Well, no, to be honest, they ain’t, most of them have never even heard about him [1].
But us foreigners use him as a symbol for the effed up bureaucracy in this area. [2]

Slovakia? Slovakia has another guy.. Murfič. That was before he emigrated to America and renamed himself Murphy..

[1] Unlike the mushy singer Karel Gott, who is still worshiped, endlessly repeating the Czech covers of German 70’s “schlagers”. It wasn’t until the fall of Communism that many Czech villagers discovered he hadn’t written “I Never Promised You A Rose Garden“, “Save Your Kisses For Me“, “Sing Sang Song“, “Dschingis Khan” and other unforgettable classics, but only made Czech covers of them.

[2] The eternal joke by expats when confronting Czech bureaucracy: “I never understood that Kafka wasn’t an author, but a journalist.”


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